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फरीदाबाद, ग़ाज़ियाबाद, गली, देसावर, श्री बालाजी और न्यू ग़ाज़ियाबाद
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फरीदाबाद, ग़ाज़ियाबाद, गली, दिसावार, श्री बालाजी और न्यू ग़ाज़ियाबाद की गेम
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Date Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  1   65 79 12
  2   87 17 21
  3   38 02 15
  4   94 09 91
  5   94 21 27
  6   88 36 36 28
  7   38 39 36 97
  8   06 93 79 54
  9   09 63 99 58
  10   19 64 33 44
  11   91 46 66 12
  12   10 46 09 44
  13   15 90 07 97
  14   01 18 03 71
  15   51 91 68 88
  16   68 81 30 15
  17   68 70 50 76
  18   86 86 47 20
  19   79 76 92 61
  20   89 23 98 99
  21   71 25 81 24
  22   99 31 79 05
  23   82 13 84 40
  24   63 01 85 48
  25   34 09 83 54
  26   36 05 55 10
  27   43 16 07 82
  28   53 24 06 46
  29   16 74 60 46
  30   14 37
  31   65 12

Satta King Shree Balaji Satta Chart Result
Satta King Shree Balaji Result : The most famous game of Satta Matka Market running from Delhi, Satta King Shree Balaji (Shree Balaji Satta King) Result has been declared today at 5:15 am as announced daily. ) is done. As you would know that Shree Balaji Satta King is a very well known Satta Market of India. If some figures are to be believed, then the number of people betting from here is very high.
Satta Ruler Shree Balaji Today Result Live Graph
The consequence of Shree Balaji Satta Market is pronounced day by day at 5:15 am. Each day - the Shree Balaji Satta Market Result Declaration is proclaimed toward the beginning of the day. The round of Shree Balaji Satta Bazar is played more in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan including Delhi. The bookies of the Satta Ruler Bazar take cash from individuals and give wagering slips and furthermore give cash on winning. These days, the greater part of the wagering exchanges are done online through telephone pay, google pay and QR code.
Maths to know today's Satta number
Kabir Pradhan, who describes himself as the Satta master and Satta king, gets busy taking the Satta result chart of Shree Balaji satta king daily from 5 o'clock in the morning. Kabir Pradhan takes five thousand rupees per month from each customer in lieu of telling the formula for the trick of Shree Balaji pair and the trick of Shree Balaji pair. To understand the trick of Satta King, it is necessary to understand the chart of the result. Kabir told through Disavar Satta Result Record Chart 2018 and Satta King Result Record Chart 2018 for example that before placing bets, the exact number of Satta or Satta Jodi Number or Satta Patti is calculated for the last one month, one fortnight, and one week. Based on the move. Just understand that in the last four days, 26, 72, 01, and 03 numbers have come in Disawar Gali Satta respectively. In such a situation, to get the pair number of Black Satta King or UP Satta King for the fifth day, the numbers of the four days have to be added together. That is, the mutual addition of 26 will be eight, similarly, the sum of 72 will be nine, while the sum of one and three will be one and three respectively. After this, adding eight and nine to get a smaller number, followed by adding nine and one to get a smaller number. Finally one and three have to be added. Thus in front of you seven, zero, there will be a score of four. That is 704. In the end, adding 704 to the old trick i.e. adding seven more zeros and zero and four will give the score 74. This is the exact number of the fifth day. It is not easy to understand the tricks and tricks of Shree Balaji Kabir says that it is possible to guess from the chart of three-four days but to understand the tricks and tricks of Shree Balaji, one has to tread on the chart of several months and one month's Satta trick and satta number trick. After getting all the numbers, it has to be assessed whether according to the previous satta move, today's satta number and satta pair will come out with a small move or with a big jump. In Kanpur, it is called Satta Ka Matka or Dibba. Here to find out the number of the box, one has to see the Kanpur Satta Bazar Result Chart. To get the exact number of satta daily, one has to work concentrated for four-five hours. On the other hand, millions of young and old, as well as women, bet on everyday sports. For example, in T20 cricket match betting, how many runs will be scored in an innings, how many runs will be scored in a particular over, how many wickets will fall, how many runs will be lost and won. Cricket betting and football betting are only a decision of luck. For this, one has to connect with the phone number of the satta syndicate.