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  1   90
  2   27
  3   44
  4   97
  5   19
  6   44
  7   19
  8   15
  9   21
  10   50
  11   35
  12   13
  13   25
  14   41
  15   16
  16   45
  17   41
  18   01
  19   95
  20   67
  21   59
  22   19
  23   58
  24   64
  25   27
  26   10

Satta King Shree Ganesh Satta Chart Result 2022

Shri Ganesh Satta Game Result Chart 2022

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Satta King Shree Ganesh Result : The most famous game of Satta Matka Market running from Delhi, Satta King Shree Ganesh (Shree Ganesh Satta King) Result has been declared today at 04:30 PM as announced daily. ) is done. As you would know that Shree Ganesh Satta King is a very well known Satta Market of India. If some figures are to be believed, then the number of people betting from here is very high.

Thank you for providing your bless and love to the Shri Ganesh Satta on Black Satta Kings.